Scribe, ut possis cum voles dicere: dices cum velle debebis (Pl. Ep. 6.29)

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Roadmap, bla bla bla

Trust me, this blog might become the only place where this "historic" date will be recorded/remembered.

Sunday, May 25, 2003


Dokaka -- a Japanese human beat box. He does "21 Century Schizoid Man" pretty well. (Free registration to is required; thanks to Tamir G. for this link.)

Have i missed the big Reload?

Watched Matrix: Reloaded (also here). To say the least, it is a worthy sequel. A (very) few scenes are too long, but overall -- the plot is interesting, the action is intense, the humor is kept at a reasonable level and there's a good balance between effects and philosophy. There are a few points in the plot i didn't completely understand, or maybe wasn't supposed to understand, but i don't wanna spoil it to anyone.

In the Rig Veda there isn't much philosophy. It is, however, a beautiful peace of religious poetry. I sat five hours in the university library today, trying to translate 4 verses (1.42.7-10). The only reasonable dictionary (Grassman's) translates to German, so i learnt more German than Sanskrit and eventually translated hardly three verses, but it was still very enjoyable.

This is Aharoni, ya mama ... Welcome to Aharoni, ya mama

Zombocom is, of course, just a website, and now it is not slashdotted anymore. You are welcome to check it out. It is a good patience exercise.

Comb all of my hair

I love Joy Division. I bought Heart and Soul after watching the wonderful "24 Hour Party People" (also here) and hearing "Love Will Tear Us Apart", "Transmission" and "No Love Lost" (the last two i downloaded randomly on KaZaA). Now i'm listening to the great 4-CD set. Till now -- every song is a winner. I have a lot more listening to do, but those 27 pounds were definitely well spent.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003


The Lemon: History Of The Internet

Linked from Slashdot. I usually don't even bother to click on their humor links, but this one is funny.

It mentions Now -- i remember this word "zombocom" from somewhere, a movie or a cartoon ... i remember some monster or something saying "ZOMBOCOM!!!" with a scary voice. And i can't even look at this site, as it is probably slashdotted.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Don't fear the reaper

Another suicide bombing in Jerusalem.

I'm somewhere between not being afraid of these poor murderous idiots and feeling glad for Hadar, who doesn't have to take a bus to the University.

On a happier note, "dispatched" my order of Joy Division's "Heart and Soul". Those funny brits, why do they have to say "dispatched" instead of "shipped"?

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Harrius Potter my ass breaks new ground for stupidity -- it has a whole department for Harry Potter.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Good idea for millionaires

If i win a lot of money in a lottery, i will, possibly, do the Scientology bridge. There must be something good about it, despite all the weirdness and criticism.

Cut here

The experience with Eldad "Pink" Eshel was interesting. The bassist was obviously not so interested from the beginning and went home after an hour -- he is more interested in funk (like Jamiroquai) and Pink Floyd, but actual Pink Floyd, not what Eldad calls "Pink Floyd". Eldad -- and i'm not patronizing! -- has a lot to learn himself. He plays keyboards very well and he's incomparably better than me on the guitar, but his communication skills are less than average (which makes me wonder if Scientology could help him...) His songs probably sound very well in his head, but he has very hard time passing it on. His music is not Pink Floyd, it is close to Porcupine Tree at best. When he sang, we (me and the very nice drummer Uri) couldn't hear him, so we told him, so he sang again, and we told him we still couldn't hear him, he said: "But i shouted!" Well, he didn't. But nevermind. I don't want to get down on him, he has very good intentions, i wish him luck and i don't run away from him.

The most important thing about it all is that i finally entered a rehearsal room, payed and played. I really should do it with Amit and Tamir. And i should get back to Eran "Gitara" Shar'abi too.

What it is

Yeah, that's some very erratic poetry/songs i tried to write when i was 17, my teenage blues. I found that notebook in 2001, edited it a little and locked it up again. Now i'm publishing it. Maybe i'll forget it for a few years more. Maybe Hadar will make me compose it and make into songs. Maybe it sucks. Pitchfork would most probably hate it, they're picky about lyrics.

Opener (Eat Sugar)

Eat sugar,
Don't be afraid,
It is tasty
And you're getting fat,

Run a mile or two
To lose some weight,
Just don't stop eating sugar,
Don't you be afraid.

(MAY-1997 - JUL-2001)

So much for me

So little for everyone,
So much for me,
So little for you,
So much for me,

(MAY-1997 - JUL-2001)

Valë (Fuck You)

It's concerning lots of people,
You would be the first,
Your day is nice
And you're the worst.

(MAY-1997 - JUL-2001)


A List of People

A name
A name
A name
A name
A name
A name
The name
The name
The name
The name
The name
The name
The name
The name
The name

(MAY-1997 - JUL-2001)

(Makes me think of K's Choice's "Mr. Freeze")


Recite the nothing phrase,
Thinking it's polite.
Enjoying the mistakes
I'm looking for some light.

(MAY-1997 - JUL-2001)

Bear Snog

(dedicated to my -- and Shlomo Benizri's -- English teacher)

The advice was well-known,
It was almost a joke,
I used it already,
It didn't work.

(MAY-1997 - JUL-2001)

Rains 2

Rage the friends until it bores you,
[Stay out of/Never mind] the troubles they cause you
Believe the bet, yeah
She would let,
[I thinks it's nice
She did just that,]
I care not later,
My umbrella's bad,

You are thunders,
I am rains.

(MAY-1997 - JUL-2001)

(There's also Rains 1 ... i wonder how it goes.)


It feels so nice,
It is like fear,
Do cats really fear
When dogs are near?
Should a tiger fear a wolf
Because of his whiskers?
Should you have anything to shout --
Better whisper.

(MAY-1997 - JUL-2001)

My Deeds

Funny deeds,
The beautiful noise,
The points i miss,
The love that bores,

Here comes the bloody fool,
Romantic murder is about to occur.

(MAY-1997 - JUL-2001)

... and of course -- the French

I really don't like mosquitoes. They disturb my sleep. If until now i used to enjoy dreams equally well in Russian, Hebrew and English, i now have to suffer French-speaking nightmares (!!), (no) thanks to these abominable creatures.

A propos French: yesterday, someone tried to download Thurston Moore's "Psychic Hearts" from me, all the files at the same time, which obviously didn't work for him, so, being nice and helpful as i am (ahhhh...) i explained how he should download it. And guess what, he said "i don't understand English. French, maybe?" He didn't know who's he dealing with. So here's what i told him, with accents left out intentionally, preserved for future generations, thanks to babelfish:

je ne sais parler pas francais tres bien, mais j'essayerai:

si vous voulez telecharger toutes les chansons de Thurston Moore, telechargez-alors les un. Si vous les telechargez toutes dans le meme temps, cela ne fonctionnera pas.

si vous entrez dans le mode "a distance aligne" ("remotely queued"), ne rendez pas, attendez quelques minutes et cela fonctionnera a la fin

The bummer is that he disconnected right after that. Oh well.

Ima shelkha zona

The wall clock is in the garbage now. The alarm clock still works. That they stopped on the same day is a curiosity.

I'm using the Hebrew phrase "ima shelkha zona" ("your mother is a whore") more and more lately. It's been waiting inside me to come out ever since i heard it used so effectively on the brilliant Chamber Quintet's "Watermelons" sketch (i won't get into details).

Here's an example: Amir Peretz, ima shelkha zona!

It can make a good bumper sticker.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Would you stop stopping?

Changing batteries in my two clocks. Let's see how long they'll work.