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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Made Me Cry - Flaming Lips

Flaming Lips is one of those bands the members of which (Wayne in particular) seem, in addition to being great songwriters, are great, kind, wonderful people (the other notable band of that kind is Yo La Tengo). And yesterday their song "Race for the Prize" made me cry.

How can it be, that i so rarely care about lyrics at all and of all artists Flaming Lips moved me so much? They have a bunch of them -- those beautiful and happy songs about injury, weakness, disappointment and death of course. That endless humanity. And "Race for the Prize" is one of the best: Two scientists are racing for the cure that is the prize ... so determined ... Theirs is to win if it kills them, they're just humans with wives and children. It's a cliché, it's manipulative -- and it works.

Listen to the song on the website (click on Music -> Soft Bulletin -> Race for the Prize). No, really, do it.


Schecki said...

The Flaming Lips are quite possibly the best band ever. BEST. BAND. EVER!!! -ahem- Seriously. There's at least one song on each album they've done that will make you cry.

If you ever have the chance to see them live, I highly, highly recommend it. It's unlike any concert you've ever seen and are ever likely to see. It goes beyond just a band performing their music. There's a big video screen and people dressed up in big animal costumes shining flashlights all around, and confetti and fake blood (for the song The Spark That Bled) and it is incredible. They're really an incredible band. They're so brilliant. I honestly could go on about the Lips for years and years, but since this is your blog, and not mine, I'll stop. :) peace!

carlamarie said...