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Sunday, December 04, 2005


I became addicted to BitTorrent lately. I never liked it so much before: the language was strange and nobody bothered to explain me what the expressions "will seed indefinitely", "NATTED leecher", etc. mean. But now, thanks to Dimeadozen i love it.

That site points to .torrent's of bootlegs. It's even kinda legal - they have a list of bands they won't serve. And they only accept lossless recordings of complete gigs - no MP3's!

Anyway - there's a wealth of Radiohead, Neil Young, Grateful Dead, Jethro Tull and Bob Dylan there. Of course. I also easily found a Mercury Rev show from just a few weeks ago - nice to hear it before the gig on Monday.

But the really nice surprise came from an unexpected direction: I searched for Mogwai and found this instead. I found it, because it mentions Mogwai - "You might like Under Byen if you like Mogwai, Mum or Stina Nordenstam." Oh really? I had to check it.

When i listened to it, it didn't remind me so much of neither one of them, but it was very similar to Björk in terms of both singing style and melody structures. And they sing everything in Danish, the accent of which apparently sounds just like Icelandic, which is perfect, 'cuz i luv it when Björk sings in Icelandic, becuz like zis!!!1

So, this is Under Byen's homepage. And fansite. And an exceptionally beautiful video - actually, a Flash animation, but it doesn't look like one. Recommended if you:

  • Like Björk but wish she would sing in Icelandic more.
  • Like Björk but sometimes wish that her arrangements were a bit more mainstream.
  • Wish you liked Björk but something about her annoys you, such as - her un-Scandinavian look (black hair/weird nose/Japanese eyes), the way she still behaves like a thirteen-year-old at the age of forty, her stupid swan dress (get over it already). The singer of Under Byen has none of these features - she's just a quiet Danish blonde beauty with a beautiful fragile voice and a good sense for melody.
  • Wanna hear new music you haven't heard before. Really, just forget all the Björk comparisons - this is really something special. Don't miss it.

And no, i have no idea how to pronounce the name "Under Byen" properly. But sometimes i write some mean regular expressions in Perl.

Oh (edit): It's pronounced something like Oh-ner-bune. It's weird. I wish i could write it with IPA, but i'd better not. Try downloading their show at Roskilde 2004. You might have to create an account, and it might be impossible because they have too many accounts. It sucks - sorry, not my fault. If you have an idea on how i can send you 10's of MB's, tell me and i'll do it.

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