Scribe, ut possis cum voles dicere: dices cum velle debebis (Pl. Ep. 6.29)

Monday, November 13, 2006


I received a message on MySpace (spelling mistakes kept, names abbreviated with '):

this may sound a bit strange, but I was wondering if you are related to A' Aharoni from Natanya? If you are, I have been trying to find he and his wife as my husband passed from this life owing them money, and I am trying to settle the debt. It has been troubling me for several years now. They would have known me by S' P', my husbands name was D. A. was a musician and his wife was studying to be a teacher I believe I think the spelling of her name is R'. If you could be of any assistance, I would greatly appreciate it.

I wonder whether it is a true story of sadness and honesty or an Israeli version of Nigerian spam.


tafka PP said...


Shahar said...

you should mail them back, saying that you are willing to help them under some conditions, and see where it will go to.
if it's for real - you've done your good deed, if it's a scam - you've done your good deed and everyone is a winner!

Amir said...

I already mailed them and told that i am not related.

I really can't help, because i became an Aharoni only 1998 and i don't have any relatives in this country (unless you count all those to whom i related through our daddy Abraham, but that's quite a lot)