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Friday, August 11, 2006



In all languages there's a difference of one letter. So why doesn't English have June and Jule or Juny and July?

Oh (edit): I totally forgot the original, which is very important:



MeahevServi said...

Actually, "Јун" and "Јул" are newer terms, a bit older people in Serbia still use "Јуни" and "Јули", including the author of these Wikipedia articles:

"Јуни је шести месец у години и има 30 дана." link

and "Јули је седми месец у години и има 31 дан." link

In my familly we use Јуни and Јули, too. But, the official terms are like what you wrote. I really don't know why did they change that...

Anonymous said...

what about the french: "juin" "juillet" & italian "giugno- luglio" ?

Amir said...

Dear anonymous,

Thanks for the comment. Please sign your name next time in some way, i want to know who you are. Thanks in advance.

French and Italian are indeed strange, especially considering the fact that they developed directly from Latin, from which the names of all months originate. Sorry, i don't have anything more to say about it now.

I'll try to check their etymology ASAP.