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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Keep it Gangsta!!

From an email from Larry Wall to the Perl 6 mailing list:

Reduce operators only turn infix into list operators. What you really want here is a hyper-fatarrow:

   my %h = @k »=>« @v;

Aharoni with Larry Wall
I want to be like Larry. A. E. Aharoni and L. Wall, OSDC 2006, Netanya

No, i'm not going to post every single Larry Wall quote from his every email.

I just like the word "hyper-fatarrow", which refers to the fat arrow (=>) inside those angle quotes (»«), which you probably don't have on your keyboard. Larry is quite brave to introduce Unicode characters as operators in a general purpose programming language. So he's allowed to give them funny names too.

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Alon Almog said...

Check out the Walls' family website ( Larry Walls' daughter is pretty hot :)