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Saturday, November 29, 2003

More blog template improvements

You really don't have to read this entry unless you are interested in XML and HTML.

Now i'm strict XHTML 1.0. Not yet 100% valid, but that's only because of the auto-generated blogger advertisement code. I complained to them about it. XML "validification" included:

  • Converting all tags to lowercase.
  • Closing unclosed tags like <br/>.
  • Dropping all <font> tags (thank God, finally).
  • Quoting all unquoted attributes' values.
  • Converting the deprecated <td height> and <td bgcolor> into style attributes.
  • Converting all &'s in dynamic URL's into &amp;'s. Apparently the links still work.
  • Also -- the dates are written on a little different background now.

TODO: CSS validification. Currently it is very messy. And also -- XHTML 1.1...

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