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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


The new version of BitTorrent came out today. My name is in the credits!


rydel23 said...


P.S. I use DC++ and eMule. So is BT better? In what ways?

Amir said...

Sorry, i don't know. I've never heard about DC++ at all and never succeded at running eMule and actually downloading something (although a lot of my friends did). BT has its quirks, but once you get around them, they don't bother you.

I use BT almost exclusively for downloading from Dimeadozen which is a huge collection of BT links to complete live concerts. This site is even more or less legal - they only link to music by artists that allow non-commercial distribuition of their bootlegs (so there's a lot of Neil Young, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Depeche Mode and Sonic Youth but no Nirvana). And occasionally i come upon websites that just prefer to distribute software through BT instead of hosting it on their FTP servers - it is often so with burnable CD images (ISO's) of Linux distributions.

As i see it, the interesting thing about it is that it tries to position itself as one of the standard file transfer protocols in the TCP/IP family, unlike other file-sharing software.