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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Druze Musabbaha

After the nice Weekend With Folks i wanted to keep the good vibe and after politely telling mum that i'm not hungry i left the parents' home at about 15:30 and went to a rehearsal with Miron. I decided to take my time and drove through Isfiya to find some hummus place. There were a lot of restaurants on the way. OK now, let's see - "Carmel Garden"? Sounds like a tourist trap. "Carmel View"? Another tourist trap. "Best Druze Home Cooking"? Were you too lazy to make up a real name for your restaurant? A thought came to me that i shouldn't go to any place that doesn't have "Abu" in it's name. A minute later i saw "Abu Salah - Hummus Ful". Yeah baby.

I asked the modestly dressed Druze lady at the reception whether they were serving Hummmmmmus. Of course they were. She gave me a menu and i asked for musabbaha, which is the best kind of hummus - served warm and fresh. She was absolutely delighted to hear me pronouncing the name of the dish as close as i could to the way Arabs pronounce it.

The musabbaha was delicious, as well as the generous plates of pickled vegetables and falafel with tahina.

Dear MeahevServi - That's my favorite part of life in Israel.

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MeahevServi said...

Hehe, you certainly do like hummus. :D Now I would like to try it too, but I'm pretty sure we don't have any Druze restaurants nearby. :D Not even Arabic or Jewish... Only Chinese. (I live in Novi Sad, about 90 km from Serbian capital - Belgrade.)

But, maybe one day I'll get a chance to try famous FALAFELS, pitas and, of courese - hummmmus :)

In the meantime, there are plenty of colorful pictures on the Net... :D