Scribe, ut possis cum voles dicere: dices cum velle debebis (Pl. Ep. 6.29)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunny Thursday

Several weeks ago i participated in a competition in the University. It was organized by Sprite and went like this: Sprite representatives go around the campus on Segways, "catch" people who have Sprite bottles and ask them trivia questions. Those who get the best points advanced to another round, semifinals etc., and the jackpot is a Segway.

I bought a bottle and drank it and no one "caught" me. But i was stubborn and filled it with water, in case they do catch me and want proof that it's really Sprite. And eventually they caught me and asked me the questions. I failed at: "When did Hawaii join the USA?" and got 75 points. The Sprite girl even tried to help me, but i ignored it and answered wrong. I'm too honest sometimes. She was very disappointed and said that i needed only two more answers to get to the semifinals. Well, it was fun.

But after a few days a Sprite representative called and said that i did make it to the semifinals - which will be on Student's Day in Tel Aviv University on Thursday May 11th. Sweet, i thought - live gigs, beer, and a chance to win a Segway.

So on Thursday afternoon i left work early and went to Tel Aviv. On road 443 i picked a Haredi guy. He asked for a ride to Shilat junction, which is in Modiin. When we reached Shilat, he asked if i can take him to the next junction. So i guessed that he needs to go to El'ad.

— "Do you live in El'ad?"

— "Yes. How did you know?"

— "Oh well, i guessed, 'cuz you wanted to disembark on the next junction..."

— "It's funny, 'cuz few people know where El'ad is."

— "I'm familiar with the area. Actually today i received a CV from someone who lives in El'ad and wants to work in my company, but the fax was smudgy and i couldn't read his phone number. Maybe you know him ... his name is Shemesh." El'ad is not a very small town, but there's a fair chance that Haredi families would know each other better than average.

— "Yeah, that's my dad."

Look how God sets things up.

I didn't win the Segway, though.

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