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Monday, July 03, 2006

Soviet Antisemitism - a Joke

(I hope you get it.)

A Jew walks into the HR department of a factory in Soviet Union and asks:

— "Do you accept people whose last names have mann to the job?"

— "Ehh ... no."

— "And people whose last names have stein?"

— "No."

— "And people whose last names have fein?"

— "No."

— "And people whose last names have ko?"

— "Yes, why not."

— "Cohen! Come on in, I found you a job."

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MeahevServi said...

Hehe :D, I like Jewish humor, but that one was to common - an oppressed Jew outsmarts his oppressor. I dunno... it's not to funny to me... But this one almost made me lough my head off:

At an [Jewish] Orthodox wedding, the bride's mother is pregnant. At a Conservative wedding, the bride is pregnant. At a Reform wedding, the rabbi is pregnant. At a Reconstructionist wedding, the rabbi and her wife are both pregnant.

And I just love it when there's some undeniable truth in it, of which the listener usually isn't aware, like in this one:

A rabbi once asked his old friend, the priest, "Could you ever be promoted?"
The priest says, thoughtfully, "Well, I could become a bishop."
The rabbi persists, "And then?"
With a pause for consideration, the priest replies, "Maybe I could be a cardinal, even."
"And then?"
After thinking for some time, the priest responds, "I may, someday, rise to be the Pope."
But the rabbi is still not satisfied. "And then?"
With an air of incredulity, the priest cries, "What more could I become? Jesus Christ Himself?"
The rabbi said, quietly, "One of our boys made it."

(Many Christians simply aren't aware that Jesus was Jewish, at least as much as he was human. And when you try to point that out to them, they just look at you in disbelief. o_o For some of us it's so hard to apprehend that "unpleasant" truth. :D )

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