Scribe, ut possis cum voles dicere: dices cum velle debebis (Pl. Ep. 6.29)

Monday, July 10, 2006


There's a Canadian guy who traded a paperclip for a two-story house. It looks like a true story. All he needed was a blog and a crazy idea.

There's an Israeli law school graduate who writes a blog in Hebrew about law, free software and most of all leftist politics (he left Meretz, because Meretz wasn't left enough for him; pun intended). It's fine, but not much that you can't read in Haaretz or Guardian too. He rarely attempts to be funny, but when he does, he's not bad. He has many readers and is often quoted in Maariv.

There's an Israeli young lady who writes a blog about her life, her geek pride, software and music she likes. I keep seeing links to her blog everywhere.

There's an Israeli young man, who writes a blog about his life, his geek pride, software and music he likes and also about politics (a mix of Israeli nationalism, environmentalism and libertarianism) and linguistics. Sometimes he attempts to be funny and occasionally people tell him that he succeeds. And sometimes he has crazy ideas too. That's me and i have no more than ten readers. It's not whining and not jealousy; i must be doing something wrong.

Am i writing in the wrong language? Am i unfocused? Do i use the wrong blogging platform?

Any help would be appreciated.


MeahevServi said...

Because I don't know what exactly are your objectives with this blog and what's your targeted audience, it's hard for me to say what would be useful for getting more regular readers.

But, there are a few things that won't hurt anyway.

- You could use more images on your blog.
And I mean real, descriptive images that accompany texts you write, not just linked thumbnails and graphics. That will make your articles colorful and lively, looking less uniform, monotonous and boring. All-text articles are boring even when they cover the most interesting stories.

- You could make your blog more interactive by putting a poll on.
Every week your visitors would vote on something that you think it's interesting. If you chose to use this, try to change polls on regular basis, so your visitors would know when to expect a new poll.

- Once a week, e.g. every Saturday (Sunday, Monday...), you could write about the "Event of the week" - an occurrence that, by your opinion, characterized the past week (the most interesting thing that happened in the last 7 days - in Jerusalim, Israel or in the World).

- You could broaden variety of topics you write about.
Introduce something new, experiment and watch the visitors' response. if they like it, make it regular subject.

- Exploit your competitive advantages.
You are a Jew from Israel, so write more about Jews and Israel.

- And, of course, if you are interested mainly in traffic improvement - advertise, advertise, advertise. Ruthlessly, in every possible way you can think of. The more they come, the more they'll be coming back. It's that simple.

These are just some general suggestions, I don't say they'll work for sure on your site.

But, I don't know why do you think you don't have many regular readers... There are about 10 men and women who are interested in your opinion and they come to your place on regular basis to get it. Sweet holy Jesus! That's a shitload of audience! I know some politicians, here, in Serbia, who can't gather that number of listeners even amongst their party's membership. So, you actually made quite a success, didn't you? :D

(Sorry for that "sh*" vulgar expression, you wrote f-word in two languages, so I felt a bit... shadowed ;) )

Amir said...

Oh my God, you read that entry far enough to find the f-words! That's more than i would ever expect. Did you actually understand anything?

Thanks for the suggestions.

Images will certainly come. Of all the things about which i procrastinate, this is the simplest to implement. I do take a lot of pictures, and it takes nothing to upload them. Will be done Real Soon Now.

Am i not writing enough about Jews and Israel?

What i really want to do is to change the platform. Most of the blogs that i read are on WordPress. It has wonderful features that lacks - non-blog pages, tags, better typesetting and generally far more flexibility; those things also make it more attractive for the readers. The problem is that on their free service (, i can't customize the template HTML code. I need to find WordPress hosting service which is both cheap and customizable. I already created a proof-of-concept "Aharoni in WordPress, ya mama" on my home PC, but i don't want to turn it into a web-server ... yet.

Advertising? To the best of my knowledge, the Israeli blogs that i mentioned don't advertise, but they seem to have great word-of-mouth publicity. The question is HOW????


MeahevServi said...

Oh my God, you read that entry far enough to find the f-words! That's more than i would ever expect. Did you actually understand anything?

Nope. Not really. But I learned a new Hebrew word, and that's progress. :)

Btw, I know that our movie, "Zona Zamfirova" - "Zamfir's [daughter] Zona" has been shown in Israel a few years ago. I wonder, under which title it has been promoted in media, on billboards, etc? I guess, it wasn't convenient just to leave it in original. :D

Am i not writing enough about Jews and Israel?

Not for my taste. :D
I mean, you completely missed to write about the recent events in Gaza Strip, and I was so hoping to read your opinion on that issue. Was pretty disappointed when I found nothing...
You complain about low traffic, and only strings like "Gilad Shalit" and "IDF rampage" would increase the visitor count on your site at least for 5 hits a day. (Partially kidding, no offence, man ;) )

What i really want to do is to change the platform. Most of the blogs that i read are on WordPress.

Well, I think that's a good idea.
You can run WordPress on every PHP/MySQL host with Apache web server, I guess. I think you should go for it. ;) More control over your site won't do you any damage.

Good luck with the new project!
Shalom, Aharoni-man!