Scribe, ut possis cum voles dicere: dices cum velle debebis (Pl. Ep. 6.29)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Talk Back - Healing

How to help Sharon

Every one of us can help Sharon recover. What's needed is to send him positive energies.

To do this, I offer to take five minutes, to sit in a quiet corner, shut your eyes and imagine Sharon. Now imagine that rays of light, heat and love reach him and heal him. Imagine him wake up slowly, standing up on his feet and getting back to full functioning, happy and fresh like we know him.

Remote healing was proven in scientific research. Even those who don't believe should try - the cost is just five minutes. The force of healing by thoughts of a whole nation can cause a miracle.

What you offer now we do everyday in the toilet.

And the world is still full of shit.

(Translated from talkbacks at nrg.)

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